Stop Sweating

Say good-bye to unpleasant sweating. Sweating is a natural mechanism for cooling your body. But it can be very unpleasant when it becomes excessive. There may be various causes, ranging from temperature and stress to excessive weight, inappropriate diet and hereditary factors. Excessive sweating is also unpleasant for those around us. In social circles, it is considered a faux pas.


Stop sweating - temporarily or permanently

But sweating can also be eliminated - temporarily or permanently, depending on the chosen method. At the Brandeis Clinic, we eliminate sweating by laser or by applying botulinum toxin. Before selecting a treatment type, patients should consult their choice with one of our physicians.

Elimination of sweating with laser

Laser treatment eliminates unpleasant sweating once and for all. This revolutionary method can permanently remove up to 90% of sweat glands. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes under local anaesthesia and is microinvasive. After applying anaesthesia, a small optical cannula one millimetre in size is inserted into the skin. Through the cannula, laser light hits sweat glands and destroys them. There is no risk of damage to the skin and surrounding tissue.
The painless procedure is performed as an outpatient service and the client can go home immediately.

Elimination of sweating with botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is used to eliminate sweating on various parts of the body. The most commonly treated areas are the armpits and palms. The treatment utilises the fact that botulinum toxin prevents the transmission of nerve signals to sweat glands, which means they do not receive instructions to start operating. The treatment itself is very simple - a physician applies the substance under the skin using very tiny needles.
The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes. The effect appears in 2 to 10 days and lasts on average 6 months.

After the treatment

After laser treatment, the treated area should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
It is important to let the skin must rest after botulinum toxin treatment. Clients should not touch the skin, massage it or apply cosmetics. There may be some slight reddening or swelling, but it will disappear quickly. We recommend not shaving the treated area for at least the next 72 hours.

Who can be treated?

Selection of a specific method for the elimination of sweating must be consulted with a physician. Both procedures are suitable for healthy adults over 18. Botulinum toxin treatments are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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