My Rhinoplasty at Brandeisclinic

Hello Dr Krizko, Earlier today my cast was removed and i must tell you that absolutely love my new nose.

My nose is now straight and the hump is gone, i like the flat bridge. I also like the way that it thins out and the shape,  the tip work is just enough. It all looks natural and neat and tidy.

It is now later in the day and a little swelling is happening in the tip area,and above. I am not at all bothered or worried as i have read that this would happen. All my bruising has gone apart from a little dot  under my right eye, i will keep up the green juices and the pinneapple, and the digestive enzymes, and the sprouted almond milk, etc.

Thankyou for giving me a new much better nose that i am so happy with.

You are extremely talented and skilled.

I  look forward to hearing from you, i will add a review shortly.

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