Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation at Brandeis Clinic will provide you with naturally looking breasts without visible implant edges and, moreover, you will also get a lifetime warranty against defect in material. Our surgeons will be happy to consult you as long as you need to help you choose the proper type of a breast implant that will meet your expectations, while also respecting your other body parts dispositions.


Advantages of breast augmentation at Brandeis Clinic

  • We use Polytech, Motiva and Mentor breast implants with lifetime warranty against defects in material and with Motiva breast implants the warranty also applies to a revision of capsular contracture during the first year after the initial surgery.
  • Pre-operative testing is done at our clinic
  • Each of our surgeons performs approximately 300 breast augmentation surgeries a year, which is above European and world average. An experienced surgeon is one of the key factors to successful breast augmentation and in the end there is a satisfied client with naturally-looking breasts. Moreover, an experienced surgeon does breast augmentation in about 45 or 50 minutes (while maintaining the best possible quality of the job) so the patient´s body doesn´t have to be burdened with excessive anaesthesia.
  • “Unlimited” consultation length. When consulting our clients, we spend as much time as needed, we don´t set any time limits. That is the only way how our surgeons can suggest the appropriate type and the size of an implant which are then able to provide the best possible result (soft, symmetrical, with nipples on the top and without visible implant edges).
  • High-quality room furnishing, including a top-class LINET bed (following a surgery the quality of a bed plays an important role as the human body parts subject to surgery should relax as much as possible), oxygen masks, sanitary facilities and a TV set.
  • High-quality care, because every nurse looks after the maximum of four patients. All medical staff has appropriate education and qualifications.
  • MUDr. Jan Machač, our anaesthesiologist, has experience in working abroad and is much respected among his colleagues. He used to administer anaesthesia for example to the Czech ex-president Václav Havel or the members of the Saudi Royal Court.
  • We use the anaesthesia machine Fabius plus, which is considered to be among the best in the world. This machine is designed to precisely dose anaesthetic medicinal gasses, and by doing so it reduces the burden for the patient´s organism and speeds up the recovery. It also ensures proper substance mixing, its preheating and moistening for a very gentle effect on respiratory mucosa and lung tissue.
  • Brandeis Clinic regularly gets excellent evaluation of its cleanness from relevant state institutions.

Before the treatment

The first step before surgery is a consultation with a physician at our clinic. The doctor will examine the client and discuss all options. Information about the surgery, post-operative regimen and the risks will also be provided. The next objective is to choose the right type and size of the implant. All that's left is to arrange a date for preoperative examination and the surgery itself at the reception desk.

During the treatment

Before the breast augmentation, a specialist first makes photographic documentation, takes measurements and draws an outline of the operating procedure. The procedure itself is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 1 hour. The method of incision and its location are already decided by the physician with the consent of the client at the consultation. The wound is approximately 4 cm long and closed with special absorbable sutures.
Finally, drains are introduced to prevent bruising. These are removed the day after surgery. The client remains hospitalised at our clinic for 1-2 days.

After the treatment

The client receives painkillers immediately after the procedure. On the next day, the drains are removed and the client puts on a special supportive bra. This bra must be worn for 4-5 weeks after the augmentation. Return to work is possible after 5 to 10 days, but resting is recommended for at least 2 weeks. The final result will become apparent after approximately 3 months.
In the event of any problems (pain, changes in shape, damage to the implant caused by an injury, etc.), we always remain at your disposal. The risk of adverse affects, however, is completely negligible with modern technologies.

Who can be treated?

Breast augmentation is performed for women over 18. It is not suitable for breastfeeding women and should be carefully considered for clients with predispositions towards autoimmune or malignant diseases. On the day of surgery, the client should not be suffering from any acute infection.

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