Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Would you like to have slightly larger breasts but don’t like the idea of using implants? Are you worried about health risks, want to avoid having foreign materials in your body or resent new scars? In that case, fat transfer breast augmentation with your body’s own adipose tissue is the solution. This procedure, medically known as autoaugmentation, causes minimal levels of physical stress for the body, because it works exclusively with its own tissues.


The principle is simple

Some of the client's own fat is first removed, processed and then simply applied through small punctures under the skin of the breasts. The punctures leave no traces and recovery time is very short.
After autoaugmentation, breasts are pleasantly soft to the touch and feel natural. If you want larger breasts but are afraid of silicone implants, try this new method of breast enlargement.

Benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation

  • no artificial materials enter the body
  • minimal physical stress for the body, short recovery
  • no visible scars after the procedure
  • the result feels very natural

Before the treatment

Before the treatment, it is necessary to first consult a physician at our clinic. Based on a clinical examination and the client's wishes, the doctor will determine whether this procedure is suitable. The client will then be informed about the surgery, post-operative regimen and potential risks. Finally, you will arrange a date for preoperative examination and the surgery itself.

During the treatment

Fat transfer breast augmentation itself is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 3 hours. In the first stage, we perform liposuction, or removal of fat. This fat is then processed by separating the required fat and stem cells from unwanted cells and tissue. This prepared material is then injected into the breasts. Thanks to stem cells present in the fat tissue, the filling material quickly becomes a natural part of the breast. Clients can already go home the next day.

After the treatment

The punctures usually heal within a few days. They leave no scars. For a few days after the treatment, it is recommended that the patient refrain from lying on their stomach. The client does not have to wear any special undergarments. Approximately 20% of the fat is absorbed after an autoaugmentation, but the remaining 80% becomes a permanent part of the "new" breasts. Liposuction might result in some swelling and minor pain, which will subside in 1 to 2 weeks and will not prevent the client from performing regular activities.

Who can be treated?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is performed for healthy women over 18. The client must have some fat reserves from which material can be drawn for the augmentation.

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